That’s all folks (for this year!)

With the holidays fast approaching, our farewell to 2013 is a reminder that the CMS training schedule will include a new venue for Spring 2014. Training will no longer be conducted in Benton Hall but is now moving to 110 King Library. That space will allow for more attendees, and also for more private, individualized attention. The lab is equipped with Mac computers, so we ask trainees to come prepared for that, although because work is done through a web browser, most PC users will be able to adapt quite nicely. (Trainees always have the option of bringing their own laptop as well.)

We’re continuing to expand our instruction set, and we encourage users to consult that as a first line of defense. We’ve recently added procedures for using Amara, our preferred tool for closed-captioning, so be sure to consult that when preparing your videos.

In response to a few of the common issues users experience, we have included the following reminders:

1. To access the CMS in the web browser, you must use “httpS” in the URL (i.e., Note: Only those who have attended training can gain access.
2. Remember to follow the proper convention for system names–lowercase, no spaces, and hyphens between words.
3. Please consider resizing and preparing your images BEFORE uploading them to the CMS. Pixlr is an easy, free, online tool you can use for this. See Resizing and Cropping Images for the Web and choose the Pixlr option for a video on how to use it.
4. When uploading images and other document files, remember to leave the system name field BLANK. The only action required is to browse to the file and click “Submit.”
5. Because every single page resides within its own folder, the alignment of folders and thus, orientation within the asset tree, can be difficult. You can use the small “plus” or “minus” box next to the folder to expand or collapse it in order to help identify your targeted index page.

Finally, the entire web team would like to say “Thank You” to all our CMS partners for their diligence, patience, and commitment to this effort in 2013. Since launching the new CMS in April, we’ve experienced many bumps in the road but also many successes, which fuel our optimism and enthusiasm for the year ahead. We are happy to announce that OARS has just recently launched their new site, and we trust this overhaul will go a long way toward reaching their communication goals. The spring semester’s beginning will include several more sites wearing a new face and training that will bring many new users into the system each month.

To date, we have nearly 200 CMS users in the new system, and that number will likely double by spring semester’s end.

There is no doubt that Miami’s new web presence represents a tremendous undertaking. While in the broad scheme of things we’ve only just begun, like the newly accepted Class of 2018, we’ve got a lot of accomplishments to look forward to!

Happy New Year!


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